Public Housing - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Public Housing?

What is the difference between Section 8 (HCV) and Public Housing?

Who can apply to Public Housing?

Do I have to have income in order to be eligible for Public Housing?

What are the income guidelines?

Can I be over income?

How do I apply for the Public Housing program?

What happens after I complete an application for Public Housing?

I am on the waiting list and have a change of information, do I need to report it?

Where are the Public Housing units located?

Can I request a certain development or street?

Can I refuse a unit that is shown to me?

Who pays for the utilities?

Is there a security deposit?

What amenities are provided?

Can I have pets?

Are any preferences given to applicants of Public Housing?

Do I need a parking sticker for all my vehicles?

If I have a maintenance issue who do I call?