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Housing Rehabilitation Program Featured on WBOY

The Fairmont-Morgantown Housing Authority is making a difference for one local Fairmont Homeowner.   “It truly is a blessing, and I thank God for it” says Ms. Linear. Ms. Sandra Linear needed repairs done on her home.  The Fairmont-Morgantown Housing Authority accepted her application.  Over the weekend the Housing Authority completed a new roof on her home  “They worked all day and they said they said we are going to finish this up today”, said Ms. Linear.  The Housing Authority tries to complete jobs quickly for homeowners.  “A lot of the homeowners I talk to do not know if their home will make it through the winter or they say I do not know if my leaking roof is going to continue or cause more damage to my floor, my ceiling, my home.” says Ms. Hammond, Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator for the Fairmont-Morgantown Housing Authority.  It is also a community beautification.  “It is a joy to work with the city of Fairmont and it is a community thing when neighbors see homes improved, it spreads to other homeowners who want to see their homes improved and they fix their homes”.  said Ms. Hammond.

To be eligible you must own your home, have homeowners insurance, and be in the home for five years.  The loan is a forgivable loan, forgiven over five years.  There is no payment unless you sell or transfer ownership of your home.  For more information on how you can qualify for this home repair program, contact Amy Hammond at 304-363-0860 ext 121.

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