Old Fairmont School Turning Into Low Income Housing

Old Fairmont School Turning Into Low Income Housing

By: Austin Pollack WDTV

Fairmont, W.Va (WDTV)-There was plenty of excitement buzzing through the Marion County Senior Center over plans to turn an old building into low income housing for seniors.

The old Miller School on Pennsylvania Avenue in Fairmont has been empty for years, and some of you say this bring two major benefits to the city -- a new look, and housing.

The school has been vacant for almost a decade.  The building itself is almost a century old. While it served as a place of learning for thousands of Marion County students over the years, it will soon house some of the county's senior citizens.

"We have a lot of people that's in the low income," said Linda Comer from Marion County.  "It's getting worse here."

"I'm glad someone is finally doing something with the building because it needed to be saved," said Larry Daniel.

They're excited not just because it will be an added bonus for seniors in need but for this woman, she is no stranger to the building.

"All four of my daughters went to that school," said Connie Van Pelt.  "When I go down that way, I'll see that it has turned into something that looks really good instead of an eye sore."

Steve Sadd is one of many in charge of the transformation. Sadd took us through the building to show us what changes would be made, and to explain what the building will become.