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Miller School Apartments

The project based voucher waiting list for Miller School Apartments is open.

Miller School Apartments is a 55 and older only building.

Applications are available for the project based voucher waiting list here at FMHA, 103 12th St. Fairmont WV.

You can also download a copy of our application HERE.

Project based vouchers are a special type of voucher that is attached to a certain apartment.  The voucher can only be used for those apartments.

If you are in need of a housing voucher for Miller School Apartments please check Miller School on the section 8 housing application.

Applicants interested in living at Miller School Apartments will also need to contact TMAM Management at 304-842-3100.  Applicants will have an application process with the management company as well.

If you have any questions regarding applying for a housing voucher for Miller School Apartments, please contact:

Jenna Harris-Pike

304-363-0860 X110